Civil and commercial mediation is a very cost effective ,voluntary and confidential form of alternative dispute resolution between the parties. Mediator role is facilitative and brings a structure to the process of negotiation and discussion and work towards a negotiated settlement of the dispute. Mediator is an impartial neutral third party who act as a facilitator between the parties to resolve dispute . In the mediation parties are in control of their position, process and negotiate agreement for settlement and no settlement is imposed on any side. It may also bring back good working relationship between the parties .

On the day of the Mediation.

On the day of the mediation all the parties will come together in a common venue and each side will have their own separate room. Also a third room is booked for the joint meetings between the parties in presence of the mediator. Mediator will listen to each party in their room and if both the parties agrees then they can also have joint meetings. Mediator will be moving between the two rooms facilitating the discussion and negotiation to resolve dispute. Mediator does not provide any legal advise and both sides should seek legal advise. Generally each side will also have their own solicitors in mediation and if any party not sure they should seek legal advise. The parties control the outcome, process and structure of the mediation and are under no obligation to reach an agreement for settlement on the mediation day and are free to leave mediation at any time.

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